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We are a fashion design brand that specialize in bespoke fashion and design for females. Our services includes

Fashion Academy
Fashion Consultation
Fashion Design

100+ Happy Customers

We have consistently delivered 100% professional service to over 100 satisfied customers

10 Students Trained

Debby Ritzy Fashion Academy have trained 10 students successfully

Scheduled Online Classes

We have been able to train over 1,000 participants with our online classes

Our Values

Quality & Class

At Debby Ritzy Design, our goal is to enhance beauty and confidence in women through our affordable and stylish dresses. We achieve this by our diligence in understanding both customer demand and style and employing our creativity to make sure we deliver with 100% customer satisfaction. We train and mentor other students who show their interest in the world of fashion and style through our academy. We also make sure our students get the best tips and ideas when it comes to fashion so that they too can exhibit confidence during and outside Debby Ritzy Fashion Academy.


What Our Customers Say

At Debby Ritzy Fashion Academy, class time are period of fun and learning. We had assignment for every class we practiced including weekly and monthly goals. The teacher-student relationship is cordial and the daily working environment is friendly. Now I have confidence when making a dress and my finishings are commendable
My journey at Debby Ritzy Fashion Academy started when ASUU declared a two-month strike which extended to eight months. Initially I was skeptical about joining the academy because of my previous experience, but the reviews I saw from others that was learning from her and her designs I saw online, I got courage to give fashion school another try. Aside learning how to ser, I learnt discipline, punctuality, how to be a creative thinker, a good communicator in business, to serve people rightly, etc. Practical at Debby Ritzy are very inevitable. I now have the confidence to handle other people fabric and I'm glad to say I haven't had any issue with my own customers. My stay at Debby Ritzy is the best decision I made in 2022
It started with just wanting to leave the house because of ASUU strike to having a passion for fashion designing and that's how I became a family of Debby Ritzy Designs. Debby Ritzy Fashion Academy is a fashion academy that does not only teach her students how to merely sew but also all the aspects of fashion design. I learnt how to take accurate body measurements, the different sewing techniques, how to illustrate a style, how to interpret a style, how to draft a style using pattern paper, how to tell a type of fabric from another, how to apply creative skills in sewing, etc. Practical was compulsory. I learnt a great deal at the academy because the atmosphere is always easy and friendly, and corrections are always delivered nicely.
Best Osuji